British Larch Weatherboard Cladding

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Naturally durable home grown British Larch weatherboard cladding 200mm x 20mm. No artificial treatment or colouring. Heavy duty profile. Perfect for outbuildings, sheds and houses. Larch weatherboards begin life as orange, pink or light brown in colour (or a mixture of all three), but will ‘weather’ to a mellow silvery grey over time.

Minimum order 50 boards.

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Solid British Larch weatherboard cladding.

Length: 2400mm OR 3600mm nominal (please email if longer lengths are required).

Profile: Square edged 200mm x 20mm.

Finish: Sawn (not planed).

Grade: ‘Character’ which means that some faces may include some small splits, knots, fissures, waney edge, sapwood and other natural characteristics. Radnor Timber will select boards it deems suitable and ‘fit for purpose’.

Treatment: None. British Larch weatherboarding is naturally durable and requires no treatment or maintenance. Larch can be stained or painted if required.

Notes: Timber weatherboarding can shrink as it seasons. The boards will ‘weather’ to a ‘silvery-grey’ colour over time, and some faces may twist a little. Some knots may fall out as the boards season, and sap runs may be seen. These are natural characteristics of timber weatherboards and are not imperfections. Board dimensions may vary slightly due to sawmilling procedures. Colour of the new boards is likely to vary, however weathering evens out the colour over time. Variations in dimensions or colour won’t affect performance.

We recommend pre-drilling before fixing with a 50mm overlap.

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