Oak Flower Pot Stands (Set of three)

£120.00 ex. VAT

Beautiful solid oak, maintenance free garden flower pot stands and display stands. Each oak stand is 175mm x 175mm. Each set includes one 175mm, one 350mm and one 525mm stand. Perfect for creating displays on patios, in gravel gardens, in your conservatories or in your home. They can be moved around your garden or home and will last generations. Feet are fitted in our workshop. No assembly required.


Solid oak 175mm x 175mm fresh sawn oak flower pot stands.

Pot stand dimensions per set: X1 175mm x 175mm x 175mm     X1 175mm x 175mm x 350mm     X1  175mm x 175mm x 525mm

Profile: Square edges and ends.

Finish: Sawn (not planed).

Grade: ‘Character’ which means that some faces will include some small splits, knots, fissures, waney edge, sapwood and other natural characteristics. Radnor Oak will select beams it deems suitable and ‘fit for purpose’.

Maintenance required: None

Notes: Fresh sawn oak shrinks as it seasons. The beams will ‘weather’ to a silvery grey colour over time, and some faces may twist and split. These are natural characteristics of fresh sawn oak and are not imperfections. Some faces may be weathered prior to delivery.

Feet are already fitted to each stand to ensure that it is not in contact with the ground.

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175mm, 350mm, 525mm