Larch Garden Pavilion LP3

British Larch Garden Pavilion.

Beautiful garden pavilions to make the most of your outdoor living – outdoor dining, entertaining guests, relaxing with a book or enjoying your favourite tipple.

Traditionally jointed from UK grown Larch. Naturally durable. Chemical free. Sustainable. Low road miles. Cedar shingle roof. Maintenance free.

LP3 Dimensions 2.20m x 2.20m x 3m



  • Solid British Larch frame pre-jointed from 150mm x 150mm fresh sawn Larch.
  • Seasoned draw pegs.
  • Rafters, joists and ridge board from British Larch.
  • Exterior cladding from British Larch weatherboards.
  • Interior cladding from British Larch T&G.
  • Decking from British Larch.
  • Roofing pack from Grade A Western Red Cedar shingles.
  • Base and assembly drawings.

Dimensions: 2.20m wide x 2.20m deep x 3m high. Entrance clearance 1.90m.

Larch frame finish: Planed.

Rafters, wall plate and wall studs finish: Planed

Weatherboard cladding finish: Sawn

Interior timber cladding finish: Planed

Floor deck finish: Planed

Larch grade: ‘Character’

Maintenance required: None. Larch can be stained if desired.

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